What do sugar babies do for sugar daddies?

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With multiple rumours souring the internet about Sugar Dating, we wanted to set the record straight. So what exactly is it Sugar Babies do for their Sugar Daddies? What should you expect as a Sugar Daddy going into a Sugar Relationship? The question everyone wants to be answered.

Different types of Sugar Babies and Sugar Dating

Relationships can range from platonic companionship, and mentorship, to more intimate bonds. It’s important, to be honest, and have thorough communication with your Sugar Baby upon first meeting them in order to understand what you expect from each other from the get-go.

Just like every Sugar Daddy is unique, so is every Sugar Baby. If you are new to Sugar Dating, we highly recommend you read about the different types of Sugar Babies you can expect. You can read our “How To Prepare Yourself for Different Types of Sugar Babies” blog article.

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What PPM means for Sugar Daddies

If you choose to do the PPM agreement, this means you will agree on an amount to pay your Sugar baby per meet/date. This also usually means you have a specific goal in mind. A real Sugar Baby told us she had a Sugar Daddy who simply wanted her to cook dinners for him, ask him about his day and be someone he could vent to. Other Sugar Daddies may want a more intimate date.

What a monthly allowance means for Sugar Daddies

A monthly allowance calls for a more long-term relationship with your Sugar Baby. We call it a monthly allowance. Although we call it a monthly allowance, this could be in the form of paying your Sugar Babies’ rent or buying them a car. This type of arrangement allows you to see your Sugar Baby on a regular basis, on your terms and includes longer dates. Such as having your Sugar Baby travel with you for work, or for leisure.

What are the benefits of having Sugar Babies?

Sugar Babies are amazing companions, friends and lovers, all in one. They respect you and your time because you respect their needs in return. It’s not unusual that we hear young ladies saying Sugar Daddies are extremely chivalrous compared to men they have dated. The ladies love this and you’ll have them wrapped around your finger!

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You can expect to experience someone you can have fun with, someone you can confide in, someone that holds absolutely zero judgment toward you. Choose whether you want a platonic or intimate relationship, it’s all up to you. You’re also welcome to choose the length of those relationships. So, don’t feel overwhelmed!

Some Sugar Daddies expect their Sugar Babies to simply look pretty by their side, and have great social skills at an important event. We encourage you to go on a few dates and choose a Sugar Baby that fits your needs.

What it all comes down to

Ultimately, Sugar Dating is all about what you and your Sugar Baby agree on after your first few dates. Once you have someone who compliments your life, and vice versa, you’ll really feel the full advantages of Sugar Dating. There’s nothing negative about mutual benefits.


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