How and when to discuss the allowance

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Whether you’re in a romantic or a sugar relationship, talking about money is never an easy or the most comfortable subject, especially when it comes to asking for an allowance. How did you approach the topic without feeling greedy or too forward and demanding?

Well, the beauty of a healthy sugar relationship is that it is always rooted in a bond of trust, honest communication, compatibility, and most importantly, being comfortable discussing all aspects of the relationship without shame. The truth is, there is always a right time to discuss your allowance with your sugar daddy. The key to success? Not doing it too soon.

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Get to know each other

Once your sugar dating profile is all set up and you meet a Sugar Daddy who has great potential, what do you do?

Definitely don’t start the money talk straight away! First, take the time to get to know each other on a first date, and have fun together. The key is to focus on building a relationship first and thinking about the rewards after. We’d suggest you keep the topic of allowance for the second or third date. Then once you agree to take things further and start talking about the terms of the agreement.

What’s your worth in money?

When thinking about your allowance, you can read our blog “How to Meet a Sugar Daddy with Allowance”, but in short terms, distinguishing your worth can be a little tricky. But the amount of money you ask for should never be based on your perceived attractiveness or sex appeal. Like anything else in a sugar relationship, your allowance should help you feel liberated and as a mutual benefit. Think about how much money you need to live a comfortable lifestyle and go from there!

Ask for money!

Don’t be afraid to bring the topic up, especially when the conversation lands on your terms of the agreement. Your sugar daddy should be more than willing to support you. They should not make you feel guilty for asking, if they do chances are he’s not the one.

Be confident

Something that a lot of sugar babies seem to forget is that Sugar Daddies often live in a completely different reality where more often than not, money is not an issue. They are not bargaining hunting for the cheapest sugar baby they can find but one most worth its price, so remember that!

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