20 Things to Avoid in Online Dating 2022

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Online dating is no longer a new and novel concept, but a well-established market for new opportunities to find relationships and love. So why, after almost a decade of dating apps, do people still make those same old dating mistakes?

It might be hard to believe but dating apps have been a part of our lives for 10 years in 2022 and what was once regarded with mistrust and suspicion at best, is now a booming multi-million dollar industry and a complete norm in modern-day dating. In fact, online dating apps are to thank for bringing sugar dating into the mainstream and changing the way we date forever.

While we all like to think that we’re well beyond making complete fools of ourselves online, sadly, everyday dating app users (men) prove this concept wrong. To help you master the online sugar dating world, here are some tips for making the already exhausting dating space, a little more bearable for others:

1. Pandemic-themed icebreakers

It’s 2022 and just like online dating, the pandemic is no longer a novelty or a point of conversation. We’ve lived it, we’re over it, and let’s move on.

2. Ambivalence towards dating apps

Anytime a person says anything like that even remotely suggesting they are too good or over dating apps, it’s an immediate turn-off. If you have a distaste for them – don’t use them.

3. Asking for social media pages before their phone number

Even though we do live in a digital age, that are still certain dating traditions that are well and truly respected, such as asking for a phone number before you ask them for their Instagram or Snapchat name. If texting is not something that you’re into, there are always better, more secure ways of communicating.

sugar baby texting her daddy after meeting on sugar.ie for the first time

4. Swapping numbers too soon

As much as the sparks are flying and you think the person you’re talking to might be the one, exchanging numbers too quickly might put you at a disadvantage. Not only are you potentially exposing yourself to scammers (read Dating Scams: How to Stay Away), but you are also potentially trading one messaging platform for another, continuing the endless back and forth of online conversation. Be direct and ask for the phone number once you’re both ready to meet in person.

5. Opening with “Hey”

Since probably well over 90% of online dating app conversations start with the dreaded “Hey”, try to be more original and grab their attention.

6. Don’t use pickup lines in online dating

Probably worse than a “hey” or “hey gorgeous” is a cheap pick-up line, and I will debase myself by even giving any examples. You know what they are. Don’t use them.

7. Selfies

An overwhelming majority of men are terrible at taking them, in fact, let’s be honest, all men are terrible at taking selfies. If you’re a sugar daddy, invest in a professional photoshoot and look the part, or at the very least, get some friends to take them for you.

funny sugar daddy photoshoot

8. Posting too many group pics on a dating profile

Suggests you are probably very insecure or the worst-looking of the group.

9. Not having enough photos

1 or 2 pictures are not enough to make a lasting impression and make it seem like you either don’t care or are a fake account. 3 is the absolute minimum.

10. Lying about your age

We mentioned this one before (Learn from Common Sugar Daddy Mistakes).

11. Making specific physical requirements online

We all have a type – preferred body type, height, hair, or eye color, but listing those things on your profile makes you look not only shallow but superficial. It also invites negative attention, and someone might even call you out for it. Keep it to yourself and match with the people you fancy.

12. Long Bios online

There’s no need to write up your entire life story and share every intimate detail of your personality. You’ll have time to share dreams and goals, so it’s better not to share. Instead, use that space to say something interesting that shows your personality.

13. Fixating on a hobby

If your entire profile is dedicated to your pet or a pastime that you enjoy, that says nothing about you or who you are. Yes, we all have hobbies and things we’re passionate but as human beings, we’re a little bit more nuanced than that.

14. Labelling yourself as an entrepreneur

If you’re a sugar daddy you might well be an entrepreneur, but the title gained a bad rap over the years. For modern-day daters, calling yourself an entrepreneur is not an obvious turn-on. It can mean anything from really running a multi-million business to selling superhero action figures on eBay. All in all, a term best avoided.

15. Using photos that aren’t yours

As cool as that picture of the landscape, skyline, or beach you took is, no one wants to see that on a dating profile. Unless it’s an actual piece of art you created or something incredibly personal to you, leave it out.

16. Overusing someone’s name in the message online

For some reason, someone thought it was a good idea to use first names in conversation to establish intimacy. That someone, clearly never used a dating app. It just doesn’t read right, save it for the bedroom.

17. Messaging every single person, you find attractive

Quality over quantity, full stop.

18. Not respecting boundaries

Everyone has boundaries or comfort zones and it’s not your job to push them or try to break people out of them. Especially when it comes to social or sexual interactions, no means no.

19. TMI while online dating

We all have things we think make us special and unique, but that doesn’t mean we have to share them with anyone who will listen. Whether you’re a vegan, love to watch foreign cinema, or enjoy something particularly adventurous in the bedroom, not every single person you speak to needs to know that.

20. Ghosting

Getting ghosted is never pleasant or easy, but in many situations, it is a far kinder fate than being told outright that you are not the one. It’s always best to just let ghost.


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