Learn from Common Sugar Daddy Mistakes

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Learn from Common Sugar Daddy Mistakes… Now, this isn’t in any way trying to reinforce the stereotype that all older men are digitally-illiterate. Chances are that as an older man, you are not used to the idea of dating apps and online relationships. This also means that there’s a possibility you are doing something that jeopardizes your chances of finding a sugar baby.

Many people, regardless of gender or age, have certain bad online habits that are simply an inevitable part of the dating app culture. What you want is to stand out on the online sugar dating pool and make the most of this lifestyle. Here are some of the most common sugar daddy mistakes to avoid:

sugar daddy struggling with using a dating app to find a sugar baby.

Lying about your age

Whether you’re an older gent, or a DILF, the sexiest things you can do is embrace it. It’s no secret that we live in a society where “aging with grace” seems to have gone completely out of fashion. But when it comes to these types of issues, men have always fared better than women.

In fact, many consider the middle-age, as men’s true prime. When we take a look into some of the “Top Sexiest Men” lists in women’s magazines over the past couple of years: Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Robert Downey Jr or Johnny Depp just to name a few. All well into their forties and fifties and almost universally acknowledged as the current kings of sex appeal.

If you need any other reason to embrace your DILF value here’s some. If a woman doesn’t want to date a man of a certain age, she definitely doesn’t want one who is also a liar. No good relationship is ever built on lies or half-truths. Always lead with honesty and transparency, especially if that’s something you expect from your partner.

Your Pictures

It has long been a running joke that older men are notoriously bad at taking selfies. So please, for the love of god avoid putting them up on your sugar dating profile. Even if you’re good at it, selfies are not the best look. It gives off a slightly creepy vibe, loner vibes which you definitely need to avoid. Hire a photographer to take a few decent shots and make you look like the high-value man that you are!

sugar daddy asking for a picture for his sugar.ie profile

Outdated Lingo

We can only guess how many times an older man opened the conversation with “Hello beautiful”, “Hey gorgeous” or the worst one of them all “Hey baby”. You may think that it is flattering and shows a good impression, but more often than not it has the complete opposite effect.

Overuse of Emojis

With technology evolving so fast, things go out of style quickly and if you don’t keep up with the trends, you’ll get behind. At this point, even millennials, the generation that made emojis so popular, stopped using them. And unfortunately, older people, use them too often and incorrectly which adds a whole other level of cringe that you need to avoid.


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