We’ve met on Sugar.ie and we love our sugar relationship – an interview with a real Sugar Couple

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Many people wonder what it’s like to be in a real sugar relationship. It’s increasingly common to wonder how it came about, how it works, and how to get into one. If you are also looking for this information – well, fear not, as today we sit down and talk to a real sugar couple about their relationship.

Thank you both for joining us for this interview. How did you guys meet?

Him: Thanks for having us, a pleasure to be here.

Her: Yeah, thanks very much!

Him: I’d signed up to sugar.ie around a few weeks before we got in touch. I’d had a premium subscription, so when I found her profile, I didn’t wait and just messaged her immediately. When I saw her pictures, I thought she was gorgeous and wanted to reach out as soon as I could. I’ve always loved redheads, so she looked perfect.

Her: I’d purchased a boost the same day he reached out to me, so it clearly worked! He was nice, and we hit it off almost immediately.

How has being in a Sugar relationship changed your life so far?

Her: I’ve always wanted to see the world, but I’ve never had the time with work, or the money. Getting together with him gave me the freedom to travel more than I ever thought I could. Plus, it’s nice having that security knowing he’ll always have my back

Him: I’m often busy with work so, the idea of traditional dating seems too time-consuming. I get to spend my spare time with a beautiful girl whilst making her happy, what’s better than that?

sugar daddy and sugar baby on a yacht having fun

What’s the best thing about your relationship?

Him: The sex. (They both laugh)

Her: He’s not wrong, but the adventures we’ve been on are amazing. Plus, there’s no strict commitment, we can have a great weekend, then go a few days without contact. Usually, in a relationship, this would cause an argument, but we both get that we have our own lives and need to live them.

Him: Yeah, that helps. It’s just nice knowing that even if we don’t get together for a while when we do it’ll be fun. And I always feel very welcomed, so it makes me feel good.

How do you separate both your personal lives and your Sugar relationship?

Him: It’s easy, we don’t really share the same social circle at all, so when we’re together it’s just us. It makes it far less messy and complicated and takes all the stress out of the equation.

Her: Yeah, it’s nice keeping it just between us. Not everything has to be public information or a social media post. For me, it is just as important as for him.

Him: That was something we discussed early on, the desire to just keep it between us. Not so much a secret, just private.

What are the best Sugar couple experiences you’ve had so far with each other?

Her: The first few dates were incredible. The food, the passion, and the excitement of something new were electrifying. It’s still exactly like that even today but those first few nights stand out.

Him: Yeah, I agree. I knew from the first date this was something special, and we got on so well.

Her: Actually, the holiday in the summer was magical too.

Him: Yeah, you’re right. We went to Bora Bora in French Polynesia, and it was like a dream every single day. Blue waters, white sands, cocktails every day, and a room looking out on the beach. Every morning felt like winning the lottery repeatedly.

Her: That was one of those pinch me I’m dreaming moments, only happening over and over again.

sugar daddy and sugar baby on holiday in bora bora having fun

What was more challenging to you as a couple to make your Sugar relationship solid?

Him: I guess just finding out what each other likes the most. We spend less time together than a traditional couple, so it can take a little while to get comfortable. But after the first few dates and trips, we fell into a rhythm quickly.

Her: Yeah, I agree. Initially, it can be strange not spending every moment together like you normally would after you start seeing someone. But there’s rarely been any issues, and we’re both grown-ups and understand the arrangement. It’s easy to talk over any problems without making things worse.  

Do you go out with other couples and friends, or do you keep your Sugar relationship secret?

Her: As we’ve said, we tend to keep it between us. Although we’ve bumped into friends on nights out before and just played it off as casual. People date new people all the time, we don’t need to spill the details about everything to everyone (laughs).

Him: Yeah absolutely. We don’t make plans with our separate social circles, but if we meet people when we’re together it’s completely fine. I’m more than happy to be seen in public with a girl this beautiful, that’s for sure.

How do you both rank Sugar.ie in comparison with other Sugar dating platforms you’ve used?

Him: It helped me find her, so I’m impressed! But for sure the ease of use was impressive, and how handy it is that you can filter down what you’re looking for, this is just great. I really value my time and this one helped me not to waste it on the wrong people.

Her: As a girl, online dating can be a scary place, but knowing all the profiles are verified is a great relief. It means I can focus on finding the right man without worrying about any safety issues. And that is pretty much my experience with the site. As you can see it worked great for me, so I can honestly recommend it.


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