Sugar dating 100% online? How does it work?

Published by Gisella Mills on

As the world is becoming more and more digitised and virtual reality is no longer a science-fiction concept but our daily experience. There is no surprise that even our dating lives are becoming more virtual, even sugar dating

Sugar daters can give each other everything they want purely online. Many sugar daddies prefer to meet in person to treat their sugar babies. To have unforgettable experiences like fine dining, luxurious holidays, and all that sort of thing that makes sugar dating so special. 

And then, many sugar daddies prefer purely online relations

Reasons for Online Only Sugar Dating 

There are a few reasons why a sugar relationship might be purely online: 

  • You might live too far away to meet you physically regularly or at all. 
  • It is more about conversation and companionship. The physical aspect is not the most important and is not what everybody wants. 
  • The sugar daddy prefers to offer mentorship and financial support. 
  • You both might be too busy. 
  • You are both just starting your sugar dating adventure, and meeting online is the more comfortable way of kicking things off. 
  • The discretion factor – either of you might be uncomfortable being seen in public with a sugar date. 

Etcetera, etcetera… There are many reasons why a sugar relationship might be purely online and why it works better for both parties. If the point is not to be taken out and it is about having support and companionship, then your sugar dating doesn’t depend on real-life meetings. 

How does it work? 

That will really depend on the person and the type of relationship they’re looking for. An online sugar relationship might involve a lot of phone/ video calls, talking about anything and everything under the sun, or doing something fun and creative like taking an online class together, watching a movie or simply having a drink. 

The same goes for any kind of chat service or texting. It does not matter how? Forging real, emotional, and human connections is possible whether you meet in person or not. 

The physical aspect is not just about meeting in person. You can fulfill mutual physical needs over long distances too. A lot of sugar daddies enjoy cyber intimacy. You can be more intimate, playful, and cheeky by exchanging some spicy pictures, and videos or arranging special video calls when he’s far away. 

So being an online sugar baby has a lot of potential to give both of you everything you need.