Polyamory & Sugar Dating

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There is often a crossover between Polyamory and Sugar Dating lifestyles as both seem alienated from the vanilla dating scene. And also, both, often involve switching partners with no strings attached.

Switching partners in a Polyamory relationship

Of course, monogamy is suitable for some people, but for a large number, it seems inconceivable to spend the rest of your life with one person. After all, variety is the spice of life. Whereas ten years ago the polyamorous community was once mocked and viewed as a ‘hippy’ or ‘alternative’ lifestyle, it is quickly becoming the norm for many young people. Sugar babies and Sugar daddies are no exception to this.

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Millennials in particular appear to be rejecting the notion of the traditional family, and where it may have once been a binary choice to either conform or embrace counterculture, there appears to be a grey area under which sugar dating and polyamory just may become the ‘new normal’. You need to connect the sugar dating dynamic and multiple partners seems to be an obvious choice. There is an element of the non-committal that is paired with sugaring in any instance. The arrangement is already mutually beneficial – why not further that by introducing multiple partners?

You can set an agreement in a Sugar relationship

You need to set the parameters of the agreements with the other/others in the arrangement. As such, it can be either exclusive or open. When you are in a vanilla relationship you may evoke some hostility to polyamory being introduced. You may feel fear of not conforming and that is something that immediately does not apply to a sugar arrangement.

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If you decide you would like to enter into a polyamorous relationship, either as a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, it is a conversation that is best had early on in the arrangement. As with any other special features or interests you may feel integral to your arrangement. You should, in those cases, filter matches and profiles by adding them as an interest on your profile. There is something to be said for rejecting traditional expectations placed on a relationship. You should embrace the freedom that you can find by sugaring with multiple partners.


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