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Are you new to Sugar Dating? Doing your research but finding yourself lost in the terminology and stories? It can be a daunting experience figuring out what it actually means to enter the world of sugaring. Every relationship and experience is different for everyone, no matter how similar the experiences may seem. We’ve taken some of the most commonly used terminologies and broken them down for you to understand. You’re likely to find these words across all sorts of sugar dating profiles, so it’s important to know.


This stands for a sugar relationship. A relationship where a wealthier party pampers or spoils the other based on mutual agreements on their terms. Contrary to popular belief, pampering in sugar dating is not specifically about compensation in exchange for sex. Instead, it can be used as financial help and investment for the future of the sugar baby. Based on previously decided terms, sex could be involved but it’s not the focus of a sugar relationship.


A Sugar Baby usually refers to a young, attractive female in a sugar relationship. She can offer a variety of benefits for the other party including friendship, companionship, or intimacy.


Sugar Daddy is a wealthy male who offers his support to a younger partner in exchange for her company.


Sugar Mama is a wealthy woman who offers her support to a younger partner in exchange for their company. Essentially the same as a Sugar Daddy but female.

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Splenda Daddy/Mama

Now this one isn’t as common, but certainly, one to look out for and one you should be aware of. “Splenda” is a type of artificial sweetener, so that should give you an idea of what the term means. This refers to someone who pretends to have the finances and position to be a sugar daddy/momma but actually doesn’t. Watch out for these people, as they can lie often and trick you into situations or even a relationship.  


This stands for Friends with Benefits. Slightly different from sugaring, this is a relationship where both parties are intimate, but there’s no romance. This differs from a sugar relationship as the benefit is the same for both parties.

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NSA means No Strings Attached. This often refers to a relationship in which physical intimacy is the primary thing. Similar to friends with benefits but there doesn’t have to be a friendship element. It’s purely about the physical element with no commitment or additional benefits required from either person.


This term you may not hear often, but it means Pay-Per-Meeting. As you can imagine, it means there is a payment on each date. This arrangement is not included in the sugar lifestyle, but it can be common in the first few dates. If no terms have been discussed yet, this can make sure that the sugar baby is still receiving a benefit.


This means Short Term Arrangement and refers to a sugar relationship that lasts for less than 6 months.


This stands for Long Term Arrangement and refers to a sugar relationship that lasts for more than 6 months.

So there you have it. A rundown of the most commonly used terms and abbreviations in the world of sugar dating. Hopefully, now you’ll be more informed moving forward into your first sugar relationship! Good luck!

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