How to keep your Sugar Daddy interested and captivated

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Let’s assume you’ve gone on a first date with a potential Sugar Daddy, you really enjoyed your time with him and now you want to make sure you keep your Sugar Daddy interested and motivated. You’ll want to ensure you’re an asset in your Sugar Daddies life, as well as his place of peace, where he can be stress-free, in a judgment-free, comfortable and fun space that allows him to unwind and most importantly enjoy his time with you. Therefore keeping you around in the long run, making the relationship beneficial to you both. Here are some fundamental tips to keep your Sugar Daddy interested and motivated about your Sugar relationship.

Be fascinating and ambitious

There’s only so far a pretty face and sexy body can get you, and Sugar Dating is definitely not only about looks, it’s so much more than that. A great way to stay fascinating and ambitious is to know exactly what you want. Know what excites you in life, and educate yourself on interesting topics, hobbies, and interests in order to keep the conversation interesting and beneficial to you both. What’s better than having a Sugar Baby that inspires a Sugar Daddy with all her knowledge and unwavering lust for life?

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Be real, being fake will not help in the long run

Be real on your first date, as this person could be part of your life regularly and for a long time. Finding someone you actually have a connection with is important for the relationship to be mutually beneficial and for a positive outcome. Chemistry is extremely important in any relationship. You’re allowed to pass on a Sugar Daddy, and a Sugar Daddy is allowed to pass on you. Make sure you have mutual interests, focus on building a connection, a special bond that makes you feel unique and makes you an asset in his life. Therefore keeping your Sugar Daddy interested and motivated.

Keep your Sugar Daddy motivated and interested by being discreet

Keep affection private. Your agreement may only be known between the two of you and therefore needs to be kept that way. You want to be sure that to keep the interest and motivation of your Sugar Daddy going, you make them feel comfortable and make it clear he can be honest and have open communication with you in order to always be on the same page and therefore avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings. Be sure to keep your affection private, don’t interrogate him with personal questions, and respect his boundaries.

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Don’t fall in love with your Sugar Daddy

Catching feelings is inevitable, and Sugar dating can involve and evoke feelings, however, you should not expect any type of commitment. Remember this is a mutual benefits agreement and not purely based on feelings. The aim of a Sugar Daddy is not to find love, but to rather have a relationship that is beneficial to both of you, regarding your individual wants and needs.

Body language is key to keeping your Sugar Daddy interested and motivated

We can tell a lot about a person based on their body language. Focus on being alluring, confident, and showing interest. Remember to have a conversation with your Sugar Daddy about public displays of affection to avoid any misunderstandings. Be happy, radiate positive energy, and lastly, don’t be too emotional.


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