How to flirt with a Sugar Daddy

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How to flirt with a Sugar Daddy? Often times older men won’t outright show their interest in a younger woman, with the fear of being rejected, or their reputation being ruined work. Often times Sugar Daddies have a well-established career and one wrong move could indeed ruin their professional reputation and might even put their income on the line. This is why it’s important to know how to show you’re genuine, serious, and interested.

How to flirt with a Sugar Daddy

Be open about your attraction to older men

When older men see a young attractive woman, they may not assume you’re interested in men their age. This may cause them to not be forward, and you may even feel like they aren’t interested in you. That’s why it’s important to let them know you’re attracted to more “mature men”. Make sure you use the correct wording 😉

Pay attention to your body language

It’s no secret that body language tells us everything we need to know. When people turn away from you, this usually means they don’t want to engage further. Just like sitting in a confident and open position, keeping eye contact and smiling means you’re interested and want to continue the conversation. Always keep body language in mind and make sure you’re portraying the message you want to get across.

sugar baby flirting with her sugar daddy

Don’t think about it too much

Just as you would establish common interests while out on a date with someone your own age, it’s important to do so in this situation too. Just because you’ve found someone older, who you’re attracted to, does not mean you have things in common. Treat it as a normal date where two people are getting to know each other.

Don’t stress about the generational gap

There will be a generational gap between you and your Sugar Daddy. This of course depends on how large your age gap is. It’s important to remember that technology took a rapid turn in the past two decades. Things have changed completely, and sometimes it’s hard for the older generations to keep up with all the technological changes. This is completely normal though, and doesn’t mean your Sugar Daddy is not intelligent. Instead of laughing or having a judgemental attitude, rather help them.

sugar babby making her daddy have a fun dinner

Listen to their wisdom

Having an older Sugar Daddy is extremely advantageous to your life overall. Not only are they well-established individuals, but they also hold a ton of wisdom from years of life experiences. Take advantage of that wisdom and really listen to them. This shared wisdom will help you in so many ways in the future. It will also make the Sugar Daddy feel really great that you’re interested in and value what he has to say.


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