How to – First Sugar Date

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The first date is always absolutely nerve-racking and generally sets the tone for whether or not you’ll see each other again. This obviously makes the first date extremely important! Not to mention the nerves of not knowing what to ask or talk about on a first Sugar Date. Well, fear not! We’re here to save the day or date 😉 Here are some do’s and don’ts, how to’s and how not to, for first Sugar Dates and great conversation.

How to – First Sugar Date

Dress to impress your date

First impressions are extremely important! Make sure you’ve put on a flattering outfit, brush your teeth (please!), be sure your hair is clean, and tie it all together with a bit of cologne or perfume. You want to look attractive while being yourself.

The connection

So, why are you on this first date? There must’ve been something that made you click with the person, right? Or let’s say you met online, surely something about their profile caught your eye and made you swipe YES. This is the time to bring up that connection, break the ice and have some banter. Establish that initial connection that drew you towards that person.

Ask them questions about themselves or something they mentioned on their profile. An example could be – they’ve listed hiking as a hobby on their profile. You’d ask a question such as “Do you have any other adventurous hobbies?” or “What’s your favourite hiking trail? I’m sure we’ve crossed each other’s paths before!”.

sugar couple connect and have a great beach day

Get to know each other a bit, no seriousness, just two people getting to know each other’s quirks, likes, dislikes and get a good feel of their personality.

What are their goals for Sugar Dating?

It may feel awkward to jump right into the person’s aim of being on a Sugar Dating site, however, Sugar Dating was made to be straightforward and upfront. You want to make sure none of you are wasting each other’s time. Maybe you are looking for a Sugar Baby that has the time to travel with you and the lady you’ve met has a sickly pet dog that can’t be left alone for long periods. Save both of your time by getting to business.

It’s obvious that you should not make this topic too serious, but be sure to honestly explain each other’s wants and needs, and decide if your date should go further.

Time for some fun

Now that the serious talk is out the way and you’ve decided this relationship is worth your time and investment, it’s time for some fun, of course! It’s important that a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby can have some fun together, laugh and enjoy some good flowing conversation. This is a good time to finish your coffee and possibly move on to another activity, such as mini-golf or beer tasting.

Be sure this person will add value to your life in a positive manner and ensure you enjoy spending time with one another. P.S. A little bit of alcohol is always a good way to get someone to loosen up and kill the first-time nerves!

sugar couple having fun in holiday

The follow-up

Assuming you both had a great time and enjoyed each other’s company, it’s time to say goodbye with a beaming smile on your face! Be sure to reassure them that you thoroughly enjoyed their company and that you’d like to do it again. This is a good time to gauge how that person also feels about you after the first meeting.

Remember that a first date is just that, a FIRST DATE. You don’t truly know the person extremely well and you should still be guarded and take it slow. On the second date, be sure to agree to the terms of your arrangement and get ready for the simplest, most enjoyable, and stress-free relationship you’ve ever been in!

Happy Sugar Dating!


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