Covid Vaccine & Online Dating

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Thankfully, the pandemic is no longer a major global threat to public health and online dating. The vast majority of the world has returned to some sense of normalcy. That’s because of vaccines.

sugar babe getting vaccinated by a sexy young nurse before going on a date

For whatever reason, people’s vaccine statuses have quickly turned into a point of political debate and a point of contention between various groups within our society. And much like everything else in the digital age, it has also become the subject of many incredible conspiracy theories. But what does that have to do with dating apps?

Well, spokespeople for some of the most popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have recently pointed out this trend. Stated that since 2020, mentions of the vaccine and vaccination in users’ bios have increased and continue to grow. Some dating sites report that those users who openly share their vaccinated status, get double the amount of attention as those who don’t mention it at all.

It seems that more than anything else, being vaccinated is the hottest thing in online dating right now. In some cases, the vaccinated status isn’t just a preference but a true deal breaker. This could be a huge win for public health in inspiring more people to get the vaccine and help win the war on the virus. Even more so than any law or government mandate that they try to impose on us.

In today’s day and age, people value their freedom and bodily autonomy perhaps more than they ever did. Which in turn makes them more resistant to any attempts of the government to intervene in personal health matters. For better or for worse.

Sugar date couple having fun while staying safe during pandemic times

But the more we require it from each other, the more likely we are to succeed. After all, is there a better motivator than sex?


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