10 essentials on how to become a Sugar Daddy.

Published by Gisella Mills on

Thinking of becoming a Sugar Daddy? In some ways, becoming and being a sugar daddy is a bit more than just spoiling your Sugar Baby with lavish gifts and expensive trips. There is a misbelief that all Sugar Babies do or want the same things, but as there are different types of needs from Sugar Daddies, there are various expectations from Sugar Babies. The discussion has to be taken to the next level. Be as open as possible about your wishes and wants. 

Don’t forget it’s not only about you, so let the Sugar Baby talk for herself. Here are 10 steps and essentials to consider when becoming a Sugar Daddy

  1. Firstly, you need to consider what it is that you’re looking for exactly. Different Sugar Daddies want different things. Is it companionship? An emotional connection? A physical relationship? Just some casual fun with little to no strings attached? Are you up for regular meets? For a Sugar Relationship to work, both parties need to be honest about their expectations and what they want. So, think about what a Sugar Relationship would mean to you, and don’t be afraid to communicate it. 
  2. Are you ready to go public with your Sugar Relationship? Admittedly, we live in much more modern times with all types of relationships being tolerated by society, but you still might get odd and inappropriate looks when you are seen with a young beautiful woman. Your friends and family might also have some strong opinions. Are you prepared to face them, or would you prefer to keep your Sugar Dates private? 
  3. Think about the assets you’re willing to invest in your Sugar Dates. That’s not to say that you need to have a set budget, but certain Sugar Babies will look for a certain level of luxury and wealth. Or, do you prefer an offering to mentor and provide new experiences and education? Give it a thought and consider what you really would like to bring to the table once it comes to that discussion with a Sugar Baby. Make wise decisions about your possibilities and time availabilities before you jump on a roller-coaster. 
  4. Consider what kind of a Sugar Relationship you want. Some Sugar Relationships nowadays are strictly online. All meetings take place via video calls and involve a lot of calls and messages. Maybe you’re not comfortable meeting in person, at least not in the beginning so this might be the best way to go. Or the opposite. You want your relationship to be strictly face-to-face. Be clear about what you want. 
  5. Choose the right platform. There are plenty of sugar dating sites out there, but as far as sugar dating in Ireland goes, Sugar is the place to be. With 6 key hotspot locations, you’re bound to meet the Sugar Baby that meets your preferences while being highly secured thanks to features to protect daters’ privacy. 

Once you’ve established your expectations, available assets, and how you imagine your relationship to be, it’s time to find your Sugar Baby and enjoy the Sugar lifestyle. You certainly have a type, or at least know what you’re attracted to, so finding your date shouldn’t prove too hard.

So now it’s time to set the rules and expectations with your partner.

  1. Agree on mutually beneficial terms. One of the most important things in making a relationship like this work is being compatible with your expectations. Can you both fulfill each other’s needs and expectations? If it sounds like the perfect match…
  2. Make a contract in place – whether it’s written or verbal. Discuss absolutely every single aspect of your relationship, how often will you meet? The duration of your agreement, type of assets and their methods/ frequency. The more conditions you put in place more likely it is for the relationship to work smoothly. 
  3. Don’t be too forward too soon. Many Sugar Babies complain that their Sugar Daddies become very sexually forward and explicit too soon in the relationship. So get to know each other and develop a connection before you suggest your relationship becomes physical if that’s a part of your deal. After all, if sex is the only thing you’re looking for, there are other more appropriate services you can use. 
  4. Create a schedule. Or, if you are too busy, let the Sugar Baby plan something special. A Sugar Relationship needs fun and excitement just like any other relationship. Confirm that you are both willing to invest and continue to grow. Having fun, and regular dates to look forward to creates a sense of excitement and anticipation. 
  5. Continue to set and update your boundaries. As your relationship progresses and perhaps becomes physical, you should keep communicating your expectations and boundaries. Are there things you’re uncomfortable with? Do you have kinks or major turn-offs? You both need to feel comfortable and safe for the relationship to stay healthy. 

There is no ultimate recipe for success but following these 10 steps is a nice way to becoming a great Sugar Daddy with a healthy relationship and the right approach to make this work.